Why a blog

Why a blog, and why now? That is the thoughts i have had lately. Why should I do this everybody else is blogging and usually about stuff that for me dosen’t matter. Why should i enter in this scene? The more I think about it the easier it is. Someone, and yes there are plenty other once as well, need to raiser their voice and tell about the oportunities of technology and how we can make a better world by implementing them. Why global warming is a challenges that needs to be solved, or why we need to rethink how we using energy and using transportation.

Someone needs to discuss issues the affects all of us without saying everything is black or white. that what is good for some might be not be so good for others. In this blog I will never claim i have the answer to everything or anything. But I’m sharing my reflection on topics, trends and technology that could transfer the world as we see it.

I hope you will enjoy my humble attempt in make the discussion more a shade of gray than black or white.